Therapy Directory Policy

Please note that all text and images displayed on our CAM IOM Therapy Directory profiles are written and provided by the therapists themselves. When you see the CAM IOM Therapy Directory Policy Approved seal on a therapist's profile, it means they have verified the following: Individual Profiles A relevant qualification AND insurance cover; or Proof of registration with a professional body. Organisation Profiles A relevant qualification AND insurance cover from at least one member of the organisation; or Proof of registration with a professional body from at least one member of the organisation or the organisation itself. Only therapists who comply with our policy are allowed to create profiles on CAM IOM Therapy Directory.


We do not monitor any changes after the initial sign-up process, so although the individual or organisation is required to verify their qualifications, registration and insurance cover upon registration, it remains your responsibility to check that these credentials are still valid. 

You should make full enquiries into the expertise of the therapist before attending the first session. Whichever therapist you decide to see, either ask for proof of qualifications and insurance cover, or ask to see their registration details with their recognised professional body. Memberships are annual so you are advised to check the therapist is still a member, as this is not something we can monitor.

We require all of the professionals we list to inform us in the event of any changes made to qualifications, registration or insurance cover.


Insurance cover is also annual so you are advised to confirm this is still in date too. We do our utmost to ensure the therapists on our site are qualified and/or registered with a recognised body, however we strongly recommend that you do take the necessary steps to verify this as we will not be held responsible for any false information. 

Responsibility for communication

You must accept full responsibility for any correspondence between you and any therapist contacted via our directory.

CAM IOM Therapy Directory shall in no event be liable to you or to anyone for any decision made or action taken by you in the reliance on information provided on CAM IOM Therapy Directory.

Responsibility for members listed

We include basic listings for some organisations for information purposes. We do not monitor basic listings and these will not have the CAM IOM Therapy Directory Policy Approved seal.

CAM IOM Therapy Directory is not intended as a website for verifying the qualifications, abilities, credentials or professionalism of any therapist listed and is not responsible for any member listed in the directory. Although we see a relevant qualification for those not registered with a professional body, an approved listing does not mean that CAM IOM Therapy Directory endorses or accredits that qualification. CAM IOM Therapy Directory does not warrant or represent that the directory or any part thereof is accurate or complete. CAM IOM Therapy Directory disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of fitness for particular purpose.

Please read our terms and conditions for further information.